Friday, February 9, 2018

Hogtied Nelly

Barefoot next door girls cuffed, gagged and topless. Trying to get free, cuffed with tight Handcuffs, legirons, Irish 8, steel restraints and wearing watches.

 I love bondage

Kaleria in chains

Gorgeous woman Kaleria squirms on the table. Her neck, wrists and ankles chained together, she moans through the gag. Rolling on her left side she shows us her beautiful breasts with erect nipples. In the second part of the video we see Kaleria sitting on the sofa tied as a ball and trying to escape.


Kaleria barefoot

Kaleria in chains bondage

Kaleria in chains bondage

Kaleria in chains bondage

Kaleria in chains bondage

Kaleria in chains bondage

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Claudia in snow bondage

Pretty brunette stipped naked and tied up in snow

Great update from
Trying to do something unsual. One cold winter day when the temperature was about - 5 degree pretty slavegirl Claudia was taken to the forest totally undressed and tied up with ropes. She was barefoot. Chilly snow hurt her soles without mercy. She spent about 30 minutes bound in snow.

 Full video of Claudia in snow bondage

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Order a custom bondage video!

Hi friends,
Many of our bondage models can take part in a special custom clip with your own scenario. You can realize your dreams with our gorgeous girls.

Check the Act of Bondage model's page.

For example you want some girl to be tied in a special way? Or may be somewhere in difficult circamstances like cold winter outdor bondage? Or some special foot torture like soles writing with a ball-pen. It is much more harder then simple tickling. Or something else?
Please do not hesitate to apply.

Pretty feet tortured with a ball-pen

Friday, January 12, 2018

Act of Bondage models / Lera

Today we would like to introduce you our model - cute Lera. Just have a look just have a look at this adorable girl.

A redhead with perfect body and gorgeous feet. Lera was never bound before. Practicing yoga she is flexible enough so bondage hasn't turned out to be quite difficult for her. One day she would become a famous actress. Also Lera likes everything natural so her nice big pussy lips a hairy - sophisticted pleasure to look at it. 

You may request a custom video or photoset with Lera. Make your dreams real.
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Lera model page
The most popular bondage video with Lera 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Act of Bondage models / Leah

Introducing our new bondage model Leah
Topless and barefoot Russian girl hogtied

Leah is a professional fasion model, her competencies are to be elegant and graceful. So it is an aesthetic pleasure to look her posing in front of a camera. Even beeing tied up she always shows herself in the best way. Her young slender body and perfect bare feet look very attractive in bondage
We had only two photosessions with this adorable girl and but surely we will have more in the future.

Also we can ask her to make some specil sets with Leah on your request. 
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Leah model page
Barefoot bondage video with Leah

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Act of Bondage models / Claudia

I would like to introduce our bondage models.

This post is devoted to Claudia one of our leading models. Claudia is a nice girl with perfect body. She is artistic and likes to pose for photos. Her bondage sesions with us were first in her life. At the beginning she was afraid a little bit, but during the first session she relaxed and even got pleasure. Now she asks every time to do more painful actions to her. We are thinking of outdoor bondage in cold snowy weather. The only thing Claudia hates is foot tickling and soles writing with a ball-pen. She says it's like a needle scratching on her tied helpless soles opened to the Master. But definitely she will have to handle it more then once.

On your request we can do something special with Claudia.
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Claudia models page
The latest video with Claudia Little pussy suffering a lot